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This site was created by Frank & Victor of Austin, TX. I worked as the Communications & Website Manager of Whole Kids Foundation (WKF). I was the main liaison between WKF leadership and stakeholders and was responsible for 6 years worth of content migration. The website changed the entire communication and content strategy of WKF and my main contributions to this site were through wireframe feedback, content strategy and new page creation, specifically the impact page.


Frank & Victor (F&V) and I worked together on revising the initial wireframes. A wonderful partner, F&V received my feedback very well and created innovative solutions when needed. We worked together to reorganize our top labels and strategize how to best display the new pages I had requested.

Impact Page

Through research of best practices for the usability of nonprofit websites, I found that donors wanted to know what their money way being used to do - and they. Internally, WKF staff will be able use this page as a way to show corporate sponsors, partners and individual donors the tangible results of their donation. The impact page has a 30 second video for the user, a clear display of numbers and a map to illustrate the depth and range of the organization.

Content Strategy

The social media strategy for WKF is built around Instagram - we have seen a 40% follower growth rate within the past year due to our current social strategy. Without sharing the secrets of WKF, I can tell you that when designing the homepage content I kept our success on Instagram in mind. Since we drive our social followers to our website, we tried to mirror the same experience that an Instagram user would have while scrolling with the quotes and square images.